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It's a Party! Central Service Office celebrates A.A. Birthday and Grapevine's Birthday - June 4th thru 8th

June 4th thru 8th

Open every night until 7pm - Monday through Friday

MONDAY - 5% off Grapevine Books in the Bookstore

TUESDAY - Cupcakes and coffee - 10% off all Book Covers in the Bookstore

WEDNESDAY - Get you a Grapevine Subscription-Bring your checkbook, we will help you fill out the form and we will pay for the stamp.  Meet the InterDistrict Grapevine Chair, Karen M.  We will also be happy to show you how to sign up for the Grapevine Subscription on-line.  

THURSDAY - The San Antonio Archives Committee and the Archivist, Tami S. will be in the Bookstore all day.  All of the Foreign Language Big Books in the Bookstore will be $10 ( a super price) with all of     the money going to support the Archives efforts.  You will be able to choose from a LOT of Grapevine Magazines dated from the 1960's forward.  A donation of $2 for each magazine will be accepted. Choose a magazine for your special friend, with their sober date on the magazizne.  Ask all the quesitons, bring your Groups information to the Archives.  

FRIDAY - "Fancy" chips (triplates) will be on sale $16 ( two to customer only)

Each evening from 5pm to 7pm, our Board of Trustees will be running the register. Come by and support their efforts at counting money!  

FREE for the entire week:  one "A History of AA in San Antonio Texas" book will be given to each visitor.  

We look forward to visiting with each of you!