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The Little Red Book for Womenspeaks directly to women of the 21st Century who seek both the restorative powers of Twelve Step recovery and insights into the time-honored traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Published in 1957,The Little Red Bookis known as the foremost study guide to the Big Book,Alcoholics Anonymous. However, the original volume, filled with practical advice for sober living, was written by two anonymous men who, presumably, considered their audience to be comprised predominantly, if not entirely, of men. That’s why Hazelden’s new edition is written expressly for women. It features the original text ofThe Little Red Bookalong with annotated passages addressing issues related to how women experience addiction and recovery. The annotations, written by best-selling author Karen Casey, introduce women to the extraordinary camaraderie of Alcoholics Anonymous and the restorative powers of Twelve Step recovery.

We hopeThe Little Red Book for Womenopens new avenues of thought and helps the AA member arrive at his or her successful interpretation of the program.

The Little Red Book for Womenmakes frequent reference to basic matter inAlcoholics Anonymous, fourth edition.

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