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 If you need to reach out to someone during this time, you may call the AA Hotline 210-828-6235 and will be connected to help.  
If you create a zoom meeting, please see these important guidelines. Anonymity & Suggested Default Zoom Settings
COVID-19: San Antonio groups who have reported closing may be found HERE. If yours is not yet listed, email csosa1285@att.net so we may update on this page and The Meeting App.

It is critical for the hand of AA to be there. We are getting many calls for local San Antoino online meetings. Please send links to your online meetings to csosa1285@att.net to be included below. 

How to create an online meeting Options for Meeting Online which includes anonymity settings. From GSO: By attending digital meetings, groups can focus on A.A.’s primary purpose: to carry its message of recovery to the alcoholic who still suffers. Many groups have alerted local A.A. offices or hotlines if they are temporarily not meeting in their regular space. Some groups have shared that they are utilizing digital platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, or conducting conference calls.  

**Please remember the 7th Tradition and continue to support your home groups, your local InterService or Central Office, and GSO. Contributions may be down if we are no longer attending face-to-face meetings but they still have expenses and perform vital services for our Fellowship. Some people are keeping a jar and putting $$ in for every online meeting they attend.  Then will donate to their home group when this is over. To contribute to your San Antonio Central Service Office, see donation button on the right of the page. 

Virtual Meetings Local and Outside of San Antonio


I Found Your Website. Now What Do I Do?


Only you can decide whether you want to give A.A. a try — whether you think it can help you. We who are in A.A. came because we finally gave up trying to control our drinking. We still hated to admit that we could never drink safely. Then we heard from other A.A. members that we were sick. (We thought so for years!) We found out that many people suffered from the same feelings of guilt and loneliness and hopelessness that we did. We found out that we had these feelings because we had the disease of alcoholism. We decided to try and face up to what alcohol had done to us. Here are some of the questions we tried to answer honestly. If we answered YES to four or more questions, we were in deep trouble with our drinking. See how you do. Remember, there is no disgrace in facing up to the fact that you have a problem.

Find A Meeting

Any AA meeting will gladly welcome the newcomer. There are meetings specifically tailored toward people just starting out in AA. Below are Beginner Meetings you may consider attending if it is your first time going to an AA meeting. You can also use the meetings directory page to find meetings that are most convenient for you.

Beginner Meetings

Meeting Name Time Day Code(s)
Primary Purpose Group (San Antonio) (Masks Requested) Start 7/9/2020 5:30 PM Thu Beginners, Open, No Smoking
After 12 Group (Brownsville) 11:00 AM Tue, Thu, Sat Beginners, Open
New Hope Group (Harlingen) 12:00 PM Tue Beginners, Open
Group Twelve-Closed 1:00 PM Sat Wheelchair Accessible, Women, Closed, Beginners, No Smoking
New Vision Group 2:00 PM Sat Beginners, Discussion, Open, No Smoking
Group Twelve-Closed 3:00 PM Sun Beginners, Open, No Smoking
Beginners & Newcomers Group 5:30 PM Fri Wheelchair Accessible, Beginners, Discussion, Open, No Smoking
Goliad Group 6:15 PM Mon Wheelchair Accessible, Beginners, Discussion, Open
Golden Ticket Group **Temporarily suspended* 7:00 PM Thu Wheelchair Accessible, Beginners, Open, No Smoking
Schertz-Cibolo Group (Universal City) 7:00 PM Thu Beginners, Discussion, Open, No Smoking
Acceptance Group (Schertz)-Not meeting at this time 7:00 PM Mon Beginners, Open, No Smoking
Turning Point Group 7:00 PM Mon Beginners, Open, No Smoking
Boerne Hwy Group (Boerne) 7:00 PM Mon Beginners, Open, No Smoking
La Vernia Group (La Vernia) 7:00 PM Mon Beginners, Discussion, Open, No Smoking
A Vision For You Group 7:30 PM Sun, Wed Beginners, Discussion, Open, No Smoking
New Hope Group (Harlingen) 8:00 PM Wed Beginners, Open
2211 Group (Kerrville) 8:00 PM Tue Beginners, Open, No Smoking
Wimberly Group (Wimberly) 8:00 PM Tue Beginners, Open, No Smoking
Group Twelve-Closed 8:15 PM Wed Beginners, Discussion, Open, No Smoking
Lambda Group LGBT/Straight Friendly *Meetings suspended until further notice* 8:15 PM Mon Beginners, Open
Serendipity Group *mtgs limited to 15 people* 8:15 PM Wed Beginners, Discussion, Open, No Smoking
Colonies North Group 8:15 PM Mon Wheelchair Accessible, Closed, Beginners, Discussion, No Smoking
The River Group (San Marcos) 8:30 PM Tue Beginners, Open, No Smoking