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Secretary & Treasurer Round Table Session - San Antonio


You do not have to be a secretary/treasurer-there is no sign-up Just show up and share !

January 8th - Fellowship Room from 6:30 to 7:30pm        

8802 Tradeway, San Antonio 78217


Round Table Session

Putting together a suggested  booklet for AA group Secretary and a suggested booklet for AA group treasurer.  The booklets will offer suggestions and include why they are suggested. 

What To Bring With You

Your experience . Your groups established guidelines for the  Secretary and Treasurer.  Any information you have from AA regarding  these positions.

The Purpose

Once this is created...finished...we have them available to

Secretary’s and Treasurers at no charge and they can pick them up at the Bookstore.  A CSO service project with the help of the Fellowship.



Secretary & Treasurer Round Table Session

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