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 If you need to reach out to someone during this time, you may call the AA Hotline 210-828-6235 and will be connected to help.  
If you create a zoom meeting, please see these important guidelines. Anonymity & Suggested Default Zoom Settings
COVID-19: San Antonio groups who have reported closing may be found HERE. If yours is not yet listed, email csosa1285@att.net so we may update on this page and The Meeting App.

It is critical for the hand of AA to be there. We are getting many calls for local San Antoino online meetings. Please send links to your online meetings to csosa1285@att.net to be included below. 

How to create an online meeting Options for Meeting Online which includes anonymity settings. From GSO: By attending digital meetings, groups can focus on A.A.’s primary purpose: to carry its message of recovery to the alcoholic who still suffers. Many groups have alerted local A.A. offices or hotlines if they are temporarily not meeting in their regular space. Some groups have shared that they are utilizing digital platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, or conducting conference calls.  

**Please remember the 7th Tradition and continue to support your home groups, your local InterService or Central Office, and GSO. Contributions may be down if we are no longer attending face-to-face meetings but they still have expenses and perform vital services for our Fellowship. Some people are keeping a jar and putting $$ in for every online meeting they attend.  Then will donate to their home group when this is over. To contribute to your San Antonio Central Service Office, see donation button on the right of the page. 

Virtual Meetings Local and Outside of San Antonio


A Day and Evening of Gratitude -iOPEN HOUSE & Program December 4th

A Day and Evening of Gratitude -iOPEN HOUSE & Program December 4th

Enjoy a presentation by The San Antonio Archives! We appreciate your support and are sharing our gratitude for your support by opening the Central Service Office Bookstore and Fellowship Room to you all. We are throwing a party to show our gratitude!

Celebrate sobriety this season at the Open House with refreshments, a movie “Days of Wine and Roses”, Door Prizes, a Gratitude Meeting with a lite lunch buffet at the meeting, and lastly in the evening a special presentation of AA in San Antonio at 6pm, presented by Archivist, Tami S. 

Bring your AA buddy and relax with a stroll through the Bookstore and participate in planned activities especially for you

  •   Cookie Sharing Table is provided.  Bring cookies to share if yo
  • Willing to share a cookie recipe?  Great!  Bring it along.
  • Go Fishing for a door prize – 10am to 6pm
  • AA Meeting – Gratitude is the topic.  Open Discussion led by Derrick D., Northwood  Group    
  • Movie – Days of Wine and Roses along with popcorn and fellowship -2-4pm
  • Tour the Archives Room with a member of the Archives Committee  -      10am-6pm

Enjoy snacks, drinks and receive 10% off on all Grapevine Books -  all day

This day is prepared and presented in cooperation with the San Antonio Archives and the Central Service Office of San Antonio

Bookstore will be open from 9am to 6pm for sales.


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